Kind of substances


        We prune to classify the substances to formulating for the number of elements that form them, and inside every group we will classify them for the type of elements that are going to combine.

  • Substances of one only element:

    • Simple substances.   Xn

  • Substances of two elements:

    • Metal oxides.   MnOm

    • Nonmetal oxides.   NMnOm

    •  Metal-nonmetal compounds.   MnNMm

    •  Nonmetal-nonmetal compounds.   NMnNMm

    • Hydrides.   MHn

    • Hidrácidos.   HnNM

    • Hydrogen with nonmetal.   NMHn

  • Substances of three or more elements:

    • Hidróxidos.   M(OH)n

    • Oxácidos.   HaXbOc

    • Oxisales neutral.   Mn(XbOc)m

    • Oxisales acid.   Mn(HXbOc)m


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